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Racism and white supremacy are the foundation upon which the United States was built.

One of the places we see the most harm is within the medical system. Health care is fraught with bias driven by deeply rooted racist ideologies.

The VBAC community looks for ways help ensure that VBAC is truly accessible for all. We stand in solidarity with BIPOC people working to make birth safer in their communities.

Contributing to this scholarship fund to make professional membership and our educational course for birthing people more accessible is one small thing our students and supporters can do.

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"Professional membership gives me confidence in supporting my personal clients through vaginal deliveries. But more importantly, I understand so much more about the risks of any kind of birth following a c-section. There’s also the ability to share this resource with every doula I have the privilege of working alongside towards birth justice."

- Kairis Chiaji, National Doula Trainer, Birthing Project USA

"VBAC Facts® supports my Evidence Based practice as a Black Birth Doula. The material is easy to comprehend and share with my clients and peers. Here in NYC I am welcomed for embracing the evidence. VBAC Facts highlights information that others avoid. This information is empowering to Black and BIPOC families/peers."

- Denise Bolds, Founder, Bold Doula

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